Do you really believe in the Mayan Prophecy?

IPSOS Group, a global market research company, has made an investigation about the belief in the Mayan Prophecy. Through the research and they found that there are 10% worldwide people trust in what Mayan predicts that the world would be ended in 21 December 2012.

Do you believe in what Mayan Calendar predicts?

To believe it or not, it could be imagined by yourself. Personally, I would like to say YES at this time with full of courage. Now I am expecting to countdown the last fifteen days in my rest life.

Firstly, I would like to thank fast developed and advanced media technologies. Once upon time, communication between people even live in the same community always taking a long time to be contacted. Horse was regarded as a ‘postman’ to deliver letters that wrote by people.

It is common to spend one month for just sending one letter. The information was inaccessible because of the poor technology. The daily routine of people’s life are followed up by the sunrise and sunset; knowing nothing about how others situations.

When modern people live in current social settings are no more concerns about the information to be transmitted. When you are calling me and I could receive it immediately either sometimes online or offline.

When it comes to the heating topic like social media, even though friends are spreading across the world, we still could get in touch with each other for free in most occasions. Especially I am a frequent user of weibo which I could obtain every piece of information about my Chinese close friends. Sometime we have not seen each other for long time and when we meeting up, it is exactly not we were considered.

Come back to the Mayan Prophecy, actually it would not happen in real. We can use media social network to tell your friends or leave a message and giving your best wishes to her or him.


A Business M&A in Publishing industry

With the advent of digitization, Internet technology has developed rapidly. Also the strong power of Amazon, Apple and Google are increasingly to change the structure of market. They are steadily becoming the dominator in the digital platform in terms of print media industry.

The effect of this has altered the consumers reading behaviour in certain degree. Especially when I am use the public transport in London, it seems more and more people are holding a Kindle (electronic book reader launched by Amazon in November 2007) on their hands instead of reading a book which is made up of papers.

Moreover, one of Germany’s most venerable dailies, The Frankfurter Rundschau, has claimed for bankruptcy with massive losses and decreasing circulation. Additionally, Germany’s second biggest news agency, DAPD has declares for an insolvency protection either.

The competition between news agencies in Germany is extremely high. As there are 333 news outlets to choose from, newspaper market in Germany is enormously. These two agencies have been struggling in print media since they were founded.

The market leaders in publishing industry, Pearson Corporation and Bertelsmann are clearly realized the digital trend in publishing area. A month ago, Pearson chose to have a M&A with Berterlsmann in section of publishing. When Random House and Penguin are merged, they are aiming to be a global leader in publishing area to cope up with current challenge in print media.

For this kind of M&A, it always implies a capital reconstruction of each company. Both companies holding a different number of company shares, but only one company occupies relatively more shares than the other. Thus this company have more right to control over the company. In this case, Berterlsmann would possess more than half of total company share.

This joint venture company prepares to launch an online platform to sell e-books which meet the customers’ needs. It sounds like good news for e-readers, because the resources they could choose from not only limited on Amazon online stores. Market share in media print industry would likely to be divided since this joint-venture occurred.


When your first sight saw this number what would come out in your mind?

YES. This number to me is meaning that I have lived in this world for 8030 days since I was bored in 1st December 1990.

Since ten years ago I was 12 years old, I am disliked to celebrate my birthday at that time and until now. The reason is not simply like most people who are afraid to grow old.

I have my own consideration is that my birthday is only one normal day in every year; it is not a big day to me either. Someone always like to gather his or her friends to have a party and celebrate it, I am not going to blame other people here.

However, it seems would never happened on me especially in case of I need to prepare for every tiny thing. Such as calling friends to come, because I am misgiving that person’s timetable which is not available on that day. As a result I am not willing to insist my own mind that would make others feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Another reason is mainly because that the birthday also meaning the mother hard day. Therefore it is likely improper to have fun with friends.

My birthday actually was to be last Saturday and I visited my cousin who lives in Kingston without informing her about my birthday. She prepared a big meal for me on Saturday dinner and contented with that.

I was going out on Sunday night with my old friend because she is going to leave here soon and we deciding to have dinner together. During the dinner, we have a couple of friends sitting around the table. Drinking, chatting and eating happened at all the time. The lights turned off suddenly, it was becoming quiet in the next seconds. I saw the waiter came in and holding a birthday cake with one candle on his hand.

This was a touching moment and surprise for me indeed. Originally I just would like to keep it secretly and celebrate for her farewell.

Have to say, I was enjoyed this surprise and rest of everything at that night.

Say hello to my 22.

‘Write what you want on the wild west web’

The Leveson report says ‘Facebook and Twitter ranters can carry on writing what they like with little fear of punishment as the internet is like the wild west’.

It is true in area of United Kingdom, at least the government have not great control over the media. Mostly, media are free to shut out what they expect to say from their close observation of the public and private.

But in some cases British media seem overdo it. Given the examples of the naked Prince Harry photos which published by The Sun and the topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge.

These behaviours lift up the veil of their private life, as a result of people are not only simply viewing the pictures but people are likely to talk about them as a gossip topic while they are having a cup of tea or coffee.

“Lord Justice Leveson claimed that social media and blogs exist in a ‘ethical vacuum’ beyond the remit of regulation”. Is that because social media and blogs are Internet-based sites?

Apparently, off-line regulation is more intensive than Internet environment. That is why Internet performs the better off platform to give relatively more exposures on everything.

Comparing the situations in China, unlike the media are independently, what is more, the prime minister now is concerning to protect free speech. He is misgiving about the ‘introducing legal right for a new independent panel that would  monitor the press’.

However, Chinese official government is pleased to have almost fully supervision over the press. It usually regards as a political propaganda for themselves. Citizens in China could imagine the content that media could write about without opening eyes.

The media use consistent tone to report one political events. It is a tedious format to produce media content. Also it is  hard to see a debate among top leaders over the public. The image of those leaders are permanently serious look.

When it comes to the web environment in China, media are serving for political party. Once a hot topic appeared or exposed in public, only if it is negative information about the political side, they would try every effort to block the key words and make them disappeared.

The effect of the discussed two circumstances, which is mainly because of culture differences. Originally, there are big differences between Western countries and Oriental world.

Hopefully, people in this world could express themselves freely and more opinions are exchanged and shared.

Is Newspapers gradually fading away?

The answer is NO.

After visiting the Telegraph, I have been told that the circulation of The Telegraph is largely decreased due to the advent of Internet. Because people can read most of the news on Internet freely.

However, is the emergence of Internet will have fundamentally impact on traditional media industry? It seems not fully challenged to off-line media service.

As we all know, there are several ways for traditional media to survive, such as subscription and advertising. They are funding the Newspapers to have going concern. Unlike online News service, it constantly to take time on producing the News for traditional media. The News happened one second ago before publishing which is unable to appear on the today’s Newspaper.

The complicated production process ensures the quality of content indeed. Just like what The Telegraph people saying, customers or readers are buying the recognised brand or reliable on what they are reading for. The Telegraph Media Group aimed at target audience such as adult specifically. They are attempting to feed them with intelligent resources and focusing on their needs. In case not to lose the existing market share.

For online News editing, it seems there is no time to refine content. Because some of the media organizations are 24 hours News outlets. However, online readers can only have the fairly basic understanding of the events.

The circulation of Newspaper has been extremely influenced either the Telegraph or Guardian, but they still can play their own role in the media industry.

The long-term trend would be the coexistence of both online News service and off-line media outlets. Because the needs of people in markets are differently, for most young people they prefer to get firsthand News up-to-date. On the other hand, people with the reading habit would like to read the words while drinking a cup of tea.

Luckily, I am here.

Before I came to westminster, harrow campus, another alternative choice is to study publishing in central london. When I am deciding whether to go or not, I received a letter from university of westminster.

I applied this MA course in April, after that I have not heard any news from here. I just thought westminster may ignore me silently. 

However, sometimes no news is the best news. I received the letter in July and be informed that I can enroll this year study directly. How happy I am at that time!

Publishing is the one I really want to go before I heard news from westminster. Because the publishing industry is facing a great challenge in recent years.

As the increasing global trend is digitization, print media especially like printing is now undertaking a threat, I originally thought there will be an opportunity at this turning point. Whenever there is a problem, there will be a chance for you to make something happen.

Things always changed quickly. My final decision is going to westminster, now I feel so satisfied here. Especially the lecturers are so responsible for their students and encourage them to communicate with them, if they encountered problems. 

There are lots of touching moments so far which spreading in each corner of this campus. Agian, I am luck because I am here.




Watchdog role played by ‘weibo’

Shocking news was explored in Chinese media yesterday. The leader (Zhenfu Lei) in Chongqing was involved in a sex video scandal with his mistress–a 18 years old-young girl.

It is worthy to notice that this scandal was firstly found in weibo, a journalist forwarded the content and then thousands of users are focusing on it until it has positioned in one of the hot topics list.

It was taken only 63 hours from the news released to remove the leader’s title. Media especially the traditional media plays a role of watchdog, however, it seems weibo is going to take this position steadily. Because this affair was viewed by too many people within a short time, media actually under a great pressure to investigate what is really going on.

The immediate actions like to phone the leader at the first time, to clarify the truthiness of the video and also top leader has noticed the degree of serious either.

Weibo has become a random ‘bomb’ exists in a public sphere, as you never knew who is the next target would be attacked. The more ugly things explored lead to more careful of people’s behaviour.

However, weibo as a successful social media helped the traditional media a lot.