This piece of blog mainly looks at platform of social media in marketing aspect. Given successful examples of founder of Tumblr David Karp, the reason he set up tumblr is because that he want a platform both can share pictures and thoughts not only the professional outlet like Flickr or Twitter. It is just his own demand and luckily he has followed up by a large number of groups of people who with similar need.
Today’s media organization, no matter the size is small, medium or large companies. The common question is that do they really clarify what the users need when a new designed media product come to them.
It can be seen that the importance of marketing team in a whole organisation. I have watched a TV programm recently. The show is about recruiting people or talent for various companies. The recuiters are the CEO themselves, I remembered words from one of CEOs is that ‘the crucial reason that led a startup company failed is because people are just imagining buyers’ needs, actual research is far more enough’. The idea matches what this blog’s purpose.
Indeed, consumer’s requirements and expectations are the most important in every profit-making organisations.


One of the central themes of the RoadMap conference we just finished doing in San Francisco earlier this week was the importance of design, and how companies both big and small need to think about design in an age of ubiquitous connectivity — and not just design in the sense of how something looks or feels, but how it works and the relationship users have with it. That might not seem like something that has immediate or obvious implications for media companies, but I think plenty of traditional players in the industry could learn a lot from the lessons that founders like David Karp of Tumblr and Evan Williams of Medium provided at RoadMap.

The massive growth of a site like Tumblr, which is now bigger than Wikipedia with more than 20 billion pageviews a month (something I have argued should make Facebook more than a little nervous) is…

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